Our Firm offers a full service corporate law practice with extensive experience in advising on incorporation, management, administration and corporate reorganisations of companies from basic to complicated multi-layered corporate structures. In this respect, and for an in-depth understanding, below you can find a non-exhaustive list of services which our team can undertake upon request:  

  • Company Formation, including drafting of specialized Memorandum and Articles of Association of any business vehicle of your choice, such as: private limited company, public company, subsidiary, partnership etc;
  • Administration of Companies (which may include but not be limited to: increase and/or decrease of share capital, allotment of shares, share transfers, and general filing at the Companies Registry)
  • Dissolution and winding-up of companies;
  • Company re-domiciliation of foreign companies to Cyprus and vice versa;
  • Corporate governance and corporate advisory;
  • Corporate, legal and financial due diligence in relation to corporate transactions or otherwise;
  • Private local and cross-border transactions, mergers, share acquisitions, takeovers, capitalisations, dispositions as well as international tax planning;
  • Corporate finance, asset and business sales and purchases
  • Shareholders and join-venture agreements, including negotiations, drafting, implementation and customization of the constitutional documents,

In addition, our Firm also offers the provision of Administrative and Secretarial Services, which includes the provision of Nominee services, Company secretarial services and registered office.


Our Firm prides itself as a leading commercial practice with a reputable track record in the handling of cross-border transactions ranging from, among other, private local to cross-border transactions, mergers, share acquisitions, takeovers, real estate and leasing transactions to joint ventures and escrow agency arrangements in relation to both basic and complicated multi-layered transactions.

We have a successful track record in handling and leading negotiations on behalf of our clients through our team of specialists who will use their know-how, professional and business-minded expertise to deliver sophisticated, practical and focused professional and bespoke advice and support to clients while ensuring that transactions are completed quickly and effectively.

Our Firm has further proven to have extensive experience in the reviewing and drafting of different forms of legal agreements in relation to the transactions at hand, while ensuring delivery in accordance with the Client’s time-table.