Nullum Crimen Nulla Poena Sine Lege Praevia, Stricta, Scripta et Certa.


No Crime nor Sentence Without a Law Pre-existent, Strict, Written, and Certain

The above Latin maxim, with all its variations, has been reflecting for centuries with admirable accuracy and simplicity the idiorhythmic principles of Criminal Law, which are applied equally across all civilised jurisdictions irrespectively of the individual legal environment and adopted legal system.

The “presumption of innocence” further complements the above principles as a fundamental rule imposing to the prosecutor the burden of proving one’s guilt “beyond reasonable doubt”.

The criminal legal system of the Republic of Cyprus is based largely on the above fundamental principles, as also codified in the European Convention of Human Rights and Freedoms, the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, and the principles of Common Law.

At Eraklis N. Kyriakides LLC, we are well aware that effective handling of a criminal case starts from the very early stages, that is the stages of interrogation and investigation by the police or, as the case may be, from the investigating authority. After the conclusion of the investigations, the Attorney General of the Republic decides whether an Indictment shall be filled and against which persons. Such filing and its service thereafter to the accused persons serve as the formal initiation of a criminal case before the Competent Courts.

Our team has been praised for its prompt involvement in defending and dealing with a vast array of criminal cases from their early stages of the alleged offence and throughout the whole process of the criminal proceedings whether such may appear before the District Courts, the Assize Courts and the Supreme Court of Cyprus (as an appellate court).  Our Firm seeks to offer bespoke legal advice to the demands of both accused individuals or accused companies/organisations while always ensuring that each case receives the immediate assistance it requires.

Further, our lawyers have invaluable hands on experience in preparing (as prosecutors in private criminal cases) and defending (as defence lawyers) a great variety of criminal law cases of various types and variations in the offences involved.