Due to the various fluctuations and technological changes which have flooded our society in recent years the concept of Data Protection has become a subject of heated discussion particularly in the areas of cyber security and individual privacy. We are now living in an era where personal information such as our name, address and credit card numbers are entered online daily, whether it is through online shopping, joining a social networking site or booking a flight. As such, individuals and organisations are becoming more aware of the vulnerability that such “cyber-based intrusions” have caused to their personal data.

At Eraklis N. Kyriakides LLC, we offer specialized advice in relation to the Cyprus Data Protection laws and applicable EU regulations. We have advised large corporations of their internal obligations and liabilities and have provided legal guidance in setting up and/or amending their internal practices, such as their internal codes of conduct, privacy policies and privacy statements. Our team of lawyers has also advised individuals of their rights regarding personal information, particularly concerning potential infringements within their workplace environments, while assisting them to regain control of their personal data.  

Our experience further extends to offering legal guidance and assisting in the preparation of all applications and/or additional documents in relation to the notifications required pursuant to the Data Protection Laws which are submitted with the Commissioner of Data Protection in Cyprus and where applicable, to the obtainment of the required license to allow organisations to process data outside the EU. Further, our Firm has represented a variety of clients before the Data Commissioner in respect of alleged violations of the Data Protection Laws in Cyprus.

Please consider our Publication on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) here.