Our Firm is highly specialized and has a successful track record in dealing with all matters relating to immigration, the Cyprus Investment Programme applications, permanent residence permits, employment/work permits, immigration permits and visas.

Our Firm is particularly specialised in the Cyprus Investment Programme in accordance with the respective guidelines introduced by the Cypriot Government, including applications for the acquisition of permanent residence applications. Our experience in this specialised area of the Law is particularly evident through our well-rounded understanding of the whole process due to our active participation (through the form of consultation) in the interpretation and enhancement of the criteria and strict guideliness imposed. Our lawyers have the proficiency in assessing and dealing with each application separately based on its merits and as such we attempt to advise our clients accordingly prior to the initiation of the process.

The aforementioned are particularly evident through our impeccable record and our ability to provide accurate guidance and legal advice throughout the process of the Cyprus Investment Programme and/or permanent residence applications. Most importantly, our specialised Lawyers are able to predetermine prior to the commencement of the process, any ancillary but equally important issues that may arise throughout and hence must be taken into consideration before our clients select their preferred route. Since the introduction of the respective Programme, our Firm has advised a large number of clients, who wished to establish their business and invest in Cyprus via the Cyprus Investment Programme. 

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