Due to the drastic commercial and residential development in immovable property in Cyprus over the last few years, our Firm prides itself to have advised some of the biggest construction companies and property developers in Cyprus.

Our specialised Lawyers have extensive experience in advising, providing accurate safeguards and swift legal guidance to clients in relation to the acquisition/disposal of residential and commercial properties. Our services include extensive and bespoke due diligence reports on the immovable property to be acquired while supporting our clients throughout the proposed transaction from its commencement which includes the drafting, reviewing and negotiating relevant agreements on behalf of our clients, undertaking all required mechanisms for the transfer and/or acquisition of the property at the Land Registry, obtainment of permits and facilitating our clients in relation to procedures required to be undertaken with other governmental authorities. In addition, our Firm is further able to facilitate with the in-depth real-estate investment analysis of the property at hand (such as an in-depth property description of the plot, its prospects, its estimated market value, general expected economic and financial overview and the relevant tax consequences involved in any proposed transaction) for the further assistance and benefit of our clients.

Furthermore, our Firm has dealt with various construction matters and have represented clients in both. private and public tenders and contracts. Our Firm serves as one of the legal advisors of the Cyprus Council of Registration and Audit of Contractors in Construction Works and Builders whereby we are entrusted as counsel for court and other legal cases. Our experience in relation to such specialised area of law proves the extensive knowledge our Lawyers acquire by being able to identify from the very early stages of a construction work what formalities and actions should be taken by the parties involved in order to avoid any potential legal implications.

Our services further extend to the drafting, reviewing and further advising on construction contracts, subcontracting and third-party rights, insurance considerations, employer’s and vicarious liability and we further undertake negotiations on behalf of our clients in relation to such projects. Our expertise further extends to matters of limited and general partnerships (Joint venture arrangements) as well as more specialised legal matters (such as: defects, liability, indemnity clauses, guarantees etc).